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Why Hot Tubs Are Better In The Winter!

September 13, 2018


As the nights draw in and we wave goodbye to the summer, many people think hot tubs aren’t for winter, when in fact this is the time hot tubs come into their own!


Have you ever returned home from work, feeling cold, achy and longing for a hot steamy bath?


Well here awaits your hot tub, all ready and bubbling away waiting to embrace you with its hot waters and ease away the days aches and pains , while the cold crisp air and the starry clear skies relieve the days stress and worries leaving you feeling relax and able to unwind. 


But there's more! Apart from leaving you feeling wonderfully relax, it also comes with many health benefits. Whilst a good long soak can ease your muscles and straining joints, being out in the open fresh air, instead of lounging on the sofa watching t.v. gives your brain a break from everyday overstimulation which can have a restorative effect on your attention levels according to leading studies.

Being outdoors can also strengthen your immunity and fight of those expected colds soon to come around the office and home.


Another benefit is the Hydrotherapy the hot tub offers with temperatures up to 40 degrees and the massage jets helping to relax and improve circulation encouraging recovery. Prescribed for Arthritis, stress, headaches, diabetes, muscle and joint injuries are just a few to name.


Not only can you come home and relax after a busy day in the office, it’s also a great excuse to socialise. A night with the girls or guys can be a great way to catch up rather than staying inside. 


Kids parties are also a fun way to encourage the children to get outside and enjoy halloween and bonfire night from the warmth of your hot tub.



And don’t worry about getting out of your hot tub in the cold, whilst our lay z spa hot tubs heat your body up with temperatures of 40 degrees standing up in the cold air can feel relatively refreshing as it cools you down. 


So when are you going to enjoy your winter hot tub?


Our Lay Z Spa Paris fits 4-6 adults (6-8 children) comes with mulit colour LED  lights for only £100 for 4 nights! (Please note the Hot tubs need the first night to heat up, unless filling up with hot water) So if you want it for Friday night you will need to book it from Thursday - Monday, 

You can also add on some extra’s to enjoy your time!


Add a 4 sided gazebo for £25.00


To book your hot tub contact us at




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