Hermione Rose Beauty Room

Look Great. Feel Amazing.

Welcome to Hermione Rose Beauty Room. Over the last 4 years I have set up a beauty room in my home to allow you to avoid busy salons and enjoy a range of Holistic and Beauty Treatments ensuring you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and revived. 

I also provide Pamper and Spa Parties for adults and children and we can also add a bubbling Hot Tub to enhance your experience. 

*Due to Covid 19 and another addition soon to join our family I will only be offering virtual parties such as a spa in a box, Bath Bomb Making or Slime making for kids via zoom until March 2021 when hopefully we can resume our face to face parties.*


Opening times for the Beauty Room

  • Mon: 10:00am - 8:30pm

  • Tue:  10:00am -  8:30pm

  • Wed: 10:00am -  9:00pm

  • Thu:  10:00am -  9:00pm 

  • Fri:    10:00am -  9:00pm

  • Sat: Closed 

  • Sun: Closed


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Luxury Scented Candles &  Diffusers

Hand-Poured by Hermione Rose

Hermione Rose Candles are a timeless design to compliment any space. Eco and Vegan friendly all our candles are hand poured in Wales ensuring each and everyone is carefully designed to bring you affordable luxury living through blended aromas to fill the room.

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